Making fractals more playful

If one study the phenomena with the diatoms hierarchical structure from an architectural point of view and how it could be incorporated in architecture or turned into architecture via the biomimetics way of thinking. You might come across that you quite fast and easily lose the fine detailing of for example a diatoms walls and pillars seen in the examples below.



Example of a 4 itereration fractal

One could start thinking about the matter and start dealing with fractals. Using fractals in this case is fast way to retain detail and complexity of a building inspired from the inspirational path by biomimetics and still make it quite detailed. The problem could occur when detailing with fractals that they will be quite repetitive therefore one could start with applying noise to each different iteration layer so hole structure will be more alive.


Short self study to get a feel for what a 3D fractal would be like

To apply noise to the whole structure would in fact be not nearly the opposite of what is preferable but not so far away. The symmetry of fractals could be beautiful but again, a noise iteration layer could do well so the fractals aren’t all the same in the different scales.

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