About Spatial Experiments

Spatial Experiments is a studio that explores the intersection of architecture, digital technologies and science (particularly biology). We pursue a new digital vernacular, where architecture once again gets its form and identity from the local, but from an expanded, extended definition of local ranging from micro-context and -climate, to network cultures and ruptured identity topologies.

We will explore how to create architecture which exploits digital design and fabrication to create performative envelopes. We seek to use complex but ordered form to create responsive and adaptive buildings, to explore material attributes and new arrangements of it, and to drive new architectural, cultural and aesthetic conversations.

The studio project of the fall semester 2016 addresses living in extreme conditions, in this case desert or near-desert conditions in Morocco, on the boundary of Sahara.

The studio is currently led by  by David Andréen together with Ana Goidea, and was started in fall 2015 by David and Suzanne Gosztonyi. Current and past contributors include Olof Jansson, Susanne Gosztonyi, Lars-Henrik Ståhl, and Marcel Bilow, as well as a large number of students whose work is featured in the blog.

Contact: David Andréen