Prototype workshop_first realized ideas

A full week of hard handcraft working on prototypes from the various design concepts has been completed today. It was great to observe how the ideas evolved from testing models to building prototypes. It was also amazing to see how all groups gathered new skills, became handcraft experts in working with clay, wood cutting or metal welding. The results are summarized here in brief – until the final presentation, some minor finishings are still left open to be completed. Anyway, we are so proud of the success so far, that we want to share the first results now.

A big Thank-you to Marcel Bilow from TU Delft, Dr. BuckyLab, to support the whole workshop progress with his valuable experience and knowledge. He always had a solution to whatever maker problem popped up! Marcel posted a daily blog about the whole workshop, which can be read on his blog and gives a detailed insight into the activities.

But now to the groups…. lets present:

“Atlas haven” by Agne and Johan


“Case Study House” by Johannes and Henrik


“Fog Oasis” by Sigita and Kevin


“New Ornamental” by My and Tilde


“SaltUp” by Joris and Andreas


“Scuplted Veil” by Ana and Stephanie


“A Step Back: Digital Vernacular” by Joris and Raphael


“Storyteller`s Home” by Polina and Matthew


“Tamnougalt Old Town” by Lucas and Arthur


“Tamnugaltea” by Lottie and Emanuel

…more to come soon.

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