Workshop I: Digital Bricks


Digital brick prototypes

During the past three days, we have explored the concept of the digital brick – a functional, disrete building block or component, which utilises the possibilities of digital design and/or fabrication. Based loosely on the preceeding research, the students have experimented with form and function to develop their skills and to brainstorm and test ideas.

The prototypes have been fabricated on a number of FDM printers. Learning the limitations and nature of the fab process is a major emphasis, as well as developing the skills in Grasshopper 3D. We believe that the fabrication process is critical to building an understanding for the forms and techniques utilised in the software. Even if the final projects may utilise other technologies than additive fabrication, this early encouter with physical realities shapes the design process.


Light tiling

A deceptively simple component can yield significant potential through aggregation, arrangement and tiling – the encounter with fabrication process and physical light generate complexity and pattern.


Tree bark self-shading

Often working with biological precedent and inspiration, we explore concepts such as self-shading and heat transfer, applied through the intersection of vernacular and digital, through form and material.

The intersection of form, process and material offers a multitude of possibilites for innovative and sustainable architecture. From these intial experiments and playful tests will emerge an exciting term that we will document on this blog!


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